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Residential modules

Shack van (residential module)

Residential modules

Vans are equiped to ensure the autonomous residence of a group of people in the absence of external sources of electricity, drinking water, etc.

We offer residential modules for various purposes, including:

  • accomodation units;
  • camper vans;
  • stalls;
  • residential blocks for shift crews;
  • command and control points;
  • office rooms.

Complete chassis solutions

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For a comfortable stay in the cabins, we install comfortable sleeping shelves, a heating system and electrical wiring throughout the van, tables, chairs, wardrobes, showers and kitchen furniture with built-in appliances. Before the production and equipping of a mobile residential module, the design bureau of the Promavto plant designs a 3D project of the future car.

Understanding the functions of an accomodaton unit (to ensure the most convenient placement of people in a fairly compact space), we rationally place furniture in the van and try to give as much capacity and versatility to each item as possible. (For example, the lower sleeping shelf is made up of a box for storing things (locker) with a convertible top and artificial leather upholstery).

Prefabricated residential modules

Our company also developed and put into production a system of prefabricated residential modules, on the basis of which it is possible to install a full-fledged residential building in just 1.5 hours and equip it with everything necessary for people to stay. Depending on the equipment installed, it is possible to obtain mobile residential modules of various directions: a kitchen, a shower room, a residential or office space, thus, from several modules it is possible to organize a full-fledged camp for people in a relatively short time. The principle of modularity allows you to dock the blocks together and get change houses of arbitrary width and length. You can learn more about the development on the official page of our company on YouTube.

Our accommodation units are actively used as touring vans for holiday travel, fishing, hunting and outdoor recreation.

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