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PVAM wires

In our vans we use PVAM wires. Their features: increased heat resistance and strength. They are used in aircraft and automotive industries by companies such as Delphi, Eberspächer, Webasto, MAN, KAMAZ. PVAM wires are designed for operation for a period of at least 10 years at temperatures from -45 ° С to + 125 ° С. Most other van builders use PVA wires most commonly used for household electrical appliances to reduce the cost of their products. The service life of the PVA wires is at least 6 years in case of operation at temperatures from -25 ° C to + 40 ° C.



All cable accessories used in our production - protected connectors, adapters, relay and fuse blocks, adapters and switches for electrical wires - are from Tyco Electronics, a leading global manufacturer of components for energy and electronics. Among its clients are companies such as Mercedes- Benz, Volkswagen, Toyota and many others.

The wiring of our vans is made in the form of five separate harnesses manufactured by Prettl. The harnesses are tested for electrical conductivity, insulation resistance, tightness (compliance with class IP67). Wiring harnesses occurs in a sealed relay and fuse box. Tyco Electronics connectors provide reliable wire harness switching with each other, with the unit and with the chassis. Connecting the van’s energy consumers to the battery is done only by agreement with the chassis manufacturer using connectors of a certain architecture.

Inside the van, the wires are laid in special boxes in the panels (with the exception of wires with a voltage of 220 and 380 V passing through them). Those wires under the van floor are hidden in the corrugated pipe. The joining of one or more corrugated pipes occurs with the help of a fitting that prevents the penetration of moisture into the corrugated pipe.

LED lightening

We strive to use only advanced technologies and components. That is why the overall illumination of the van is made on the basis of LEDs used in Friskie lights (Poland). The advantages of such electrical equipment in comparison with conventional incandescent lamps are: high brightness, long service life, and tangible efficiency in terms of energy consumption.

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