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Shift buses

A shift bus is a special vehicle designed to transport crews to the place of construction, repair and emergency work. The PROMAVTO shift vehicles are made using modern frameless technology from sandwich panels, which allows to achieve maximum thermal insulation of the van while reducing its weight.

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Classification of buses by the purpose

There are two types of shift buses: passenger and cargo-passenger. The latter are distinguished by the presence of a cargo compartment, separated from the passenger compartment by a blank partition.

Advantages of our products

The quality of the buses produced is one of the most important priorities in our work. That is why we work only with original certified components and high-tech equipment.

We offer our customers shift buses made using modern frameless technology from 5-layer sandwich panels (you can buy a shift bus by choosing one of the 3 trim levels C1, C2, C3). In the C3 package, the outer skin is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic with a UV filter 1.5 mm thick (2.7 mm optional) and the inner skin is made of impact-resistant plastic 1.4 mm thick.

Much attention is paid to the comfort and safety of passengers on the road. At present, we equip our shift buses with comfortable safety seats ("SP-01", "SP-02", "Tourist" models) equipped with durable two- or three-point seat belts, as well as a backrest adjustment system. The cabin has a "standby" lighting mode. The side entrance door is equipped with a folding step. For convenience in the dark, a LED backlight is installed on the steps, which automatically turns on when the door is opened.

For areas of the Far North, we produce shift buses from sandwich panels with a thicker layer of insulation (80 mm instead of the standard 50 mm) and additional heating equipment: a more powerful autonomous heater, fuel and battery heating system, mirror heaters, etc.

Ready-made versions of our buses are based on the chassis of domestic cars such as GAZ, KAMAZ, Ural, ZIL, as well as on the basis of imported Iveco, MAN, HINO, Mercedes cars. The excellent cross-country ability of these cars allows them to be used in any conditions.

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