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  • Estimation of the cost of van repairing.
  • Van repair of any complexity. If the van was damaged as a result of the accident, the deformed fragments are partially replaced with new ones.
  • Full replacement of a van of special purpose cars on the chassis of any cars. It is produced when the chassis resource has not been used up yet, and the van is unsuitable for repair or significantly worn out, there is extensive corrosion of the joint seams, leaks and deformations.

For all work performed related to the repair of special equipment, a guarantee is provided in the prescribed manner for the period specified in the contract.


Depending on the capabilities and specific wishes of the customer, we can make constructive changes to the van:

  • design and modify any design and configuration;
  • install: tail lift, CMI, KOM, a winch from KOM, machine tools and other equipment, additional doors, windows;
  • change: the colors of the polymer coating, the outer or inner skin and flooring;
  • insulate the cabin and the van. Prepare special equipment for operation in the Far North: install an autonomous preheater heater in the cab and wagon, insulate the fuel pipes, install battery heating, and so on;
  • extend the chassis;
  • make a double cab.

Leasing and Credit

We are ready to cooperate with a leasing company that is preferred for you.

We guarantee that all the necessary documents will be provided by us to the bank so that your purchase is completed as quickly as possible.


In the case when special vehicles are driven over long distances, we undertake obligations for the first maintenance (1000 km).


If you do not have your own drivers, you can use the services of transportation in our company. Driving is carried out at any distance and to any country of our continent.


For the duration of the transportation, the car is insured under the CTP insurance program from 20 days and CASCO from 30 days with the risk of damage and theft. The insurer is the “Insurance Company“ Soglasiye ”LLC.


We offer you the opportunity to use the trade-in service to update your company’s vehicle fleet on favorable terms: instead of your old vans, you get new ones with a 15% discount on the price list.


Elements of your corporate identity can be applied to the van, cabin, seats, sun blinds. The van and cab can be painted in any color according to the Ral color chart.

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