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Customized vans

Customized vans

We are a team of customer-oriented specialists who are as open as possible to the wishes and preferences of our customers. We strive to think strategically, exploring new segments of the Russian market of special vehicles. That is why our company today is not limited to the production of "classic" frame and vans from sandwich panels. Engineers of Promavto Plant will be happy to design and manufacture special equipment of any complexity according to the individual order of the consumer. Over the 15 years of operation, a considerable number of vans of the most unusual purpose have been released from the walls of our enterprise, including:
- a van for transportation of hatching eggs and daily chickens;
- vans for transportation of small and large cattle;
- penguin van with built-in pool;
- a van for transporting horses;
- mobile dressing room complexes;
- mobile stages;
- mobile medical complexes and much more.

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In the production of custom vans, we use the same high-quality materials and proven technologies as for other Promavto vans. The only difference is the careful design of the van, taking into account all the details of the special purpose of the car, and equipping it with the necessary equipment.

Vans for public events are equipped with a transformable stage, lighting devices and sound equipment with special racks for their transportation. All technological devices are securely attached to the embedded elements provided for at the design stage. The color design of the car is possible in several versions: colored plastics, pasting with a film, etc.

Cars for transporting animals are equipped with aviaries, autonomous heating systems and air ventilation systems, special ramps and ramps for the convenience of animals entering and leaving the van.

Medical cars have the required equipment, all necessary devices for transporting people to medical institutions or providing assistance directly at the place of injury.


The most interesting types of non-standard vans that have left the walls of our factory include:
  • a van for the transport of hatching eggs and day-old chickens;
  • vans for transportation of large and small cattle;
  • van - penguin carrier with built-in pool;
  • van - horse carrier;
  • mobile make-up complexes;
  • mobile stages;
  • mobile medical complexes;

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