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Trailer- Residential Module

The catalog contains special equipment produced by the PROMAVTO factory.
You can specify the price of a ready-made solution that is most suitable for your purposes.

Description and equipment

Appointment of van: The trailer-residential module is designed for a comfortable temporary residence at remote sites.
Complectation: C1
Production time: 1 month
  1. Wardrobe
  1. Bunk sleeping shelf
  2. Bunk sleeping shelf
  1. Bunk sleeping shelf
  2. Bunk sleeping shelf
  3. Folding seat
  1. Cupboard
  2. Folding table with stationary part
  1. Heater
  1. Air conditioning
  1. Exhaust fan above the stove
  1. PDB
  1. Ring fastening loads (12 pcs.)
  1. Sink
  2. Water heater
  1. Sink with stove

External equipment

  1. Side ladder in transport position
  2. Niche for access to water hoses
  3. Tail lift
  4. Drawer for generator on withdrawable element
  5. Battery box on withdrawable element
  1. Box for additional equipment and two cans
  2. Box for additional equipment
  3. Ladder to the trunk
  1. Ladder
  1. Cabinet for gas cylinders


  • Dimensions of the van (LxWxH): 7800х2500х2250 mm;
  • Plastic windows with 1 double-glazed window (4 pcs.).

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