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Painting steel elements

Painting steel elements


The steel parts of our vans are subframes, all kinds of brackets, a lateral protective device and a rear underrun beam (for four-wheel drive vehicles), cabinets, workbenches, drawers - have an impact-resistant anti-corrosion coating. It operates in the temperature range from -60 ° C to + 150 ° C and provides, among other things, reliable electrical insulation. Sudden changes in temperature do not affect the quality of the coating.

The polymer-powder method of painting surpasses traditional painting with auto enamel: its service life is longer, its strength is higher.

In case of powder coating flammable and toxic liquid solvents are not used. This makes the coating environmentally friendly. In addition, powder paints are supplied ready-made and, unlike liquid enamels, do not require viscosity control. This guarantees a high quality coating.

Steel before being coated with polymer powder compositions is shot blasted.

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