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Welding of steel elements

Welding of steel elements

Automated electric arc welding

Automated electric arc welding of metal elements of the van - these are the developed technologies of our company, we are proud of. The use of a Panasonic welding robot for subframes, doorways, spare wheel holders and other metal elements exposed to loads and stresses during the operation of the equipment has increased the accuracy and speed of welding.


The robot itself controls all the technological parameters of the process: voltage, strength and current frequency, the concentration of shielding gas when welding non-ferrous metals, the correct location of the parts to be welded, comparing their location on the welding table or in conductors with a 3D-drawing of the future product. Thus, the human factor is completely excluded.

Strength and specific characteristics of the weld obtained are significantly superior to manual and semi-automatic welding.

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