ул. Заовражная, 7а Нижний Новгород, 603107 Нижегородская область Россия
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We are PROMAVTO Plant
We produce special purpose vans of any modifications. For 15 years, we have produced 14,500 vans for Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine. Our principle is “Ultimate Quality”. Our partners are: Daken (Italy), Domar (Italy), MRF (Spain), Fristom (Poland).
We improve technology
We can realize any wishes of the customer. We already have experience in the production of make-up workshops, vehicles for hunters, mobile residential modules, mobile medical centers, vans for transporting animals.
We take responsibility
We always keep our promises and do not let our clients down. Therefore, they consider us one of the best factories in Russia for the production of special vans.
Company's mission is
to become a leader in the production of vans in Russia, meet the expectations of the modern consumer in the WTO space, use the latest technology, high-precision equipment, manage environmental safety with the help of quality management in the enterprise.
Our principles are to:
  • create reliable vans;
  • improve their quality using the latest technology and materials;
  • grow and evolve continuously;
  • earn money and help the partners to do it.
Corporate Values
  • We are one team;
  • A personal example is the best guide;
  • Customer needs are above all;
  • Product quality is our competitive advantage;
  • We respect the identity of each employee;
  • Everyone has the right to make a mistake;
  • We make decisions based on facts.
We are PROMAVTO Plant
We  improve technology
We take responsibility
Company's mission is
Our principles are to:
Corporate Values

Addresses of service enterprises
Kazan, Zhurnalistov st., 46 A, building 1

● Krasnodar, Pashkovsky settlement, Goryacheklyuchevskaya St., 2
● Krasnodar, Stanichnaya St.,16

Krasnodar region:
Krasnodar Territory, Dinskoy Region, Plastunovskaya St., 1303

Krasnoyarsk region:
Krasnoyarsk Territory, Solontsi settlement, Kotelnikova Ave.,16

Moscow, Kantemirovskaya St., 59 A

Moscow region:
● Moscow region, Mytishchi district, MKAD 85 km, Avtomobilny pr., premise. 1, building. 1
● Moscow region, Noginsky district, Elizavetino settlement
● Moscow region, Podolsky district, 41 km of the M-2 "Krim" motorway

Naberezhnye Chelny:
Naberezhnye Chelny, Menzelinsky Trakt, h.66 (Behind the Kama Rick Base)

Novosibirsk city Tolmachevskaya st., h.33 / 1

Perm, Voronezhskaya st.,, h.41, b. 1

Republic of Belarus:
Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Minsk district, Bolshoi Trostenets village, Mirnaya st., h. 58 A, room 9

St. Petersburg:
● St. Petersburg, industrial zone Shushary, Lenin st., section 233
● St. Petersburg, Sofiyskaya st., h.125, b.4

Sevastopol, Rudnevo st., h. 2 a

Simferopol, Pobedy prosp., h.. 211 a

Stavropol, Uzhny Obhod st., h.9

Surgut, Rationalizatorov St, h.9

Togliatti, . Borkovskaya St., h.38

Cheboksary, Marposad highway, h.1 

8 800 100 09 35

603107, Russia,
Zaovrazhnaya st., 7а.

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Promavto Plant produces high-quality special vehicles.