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To buy a mobile workshop

Mobile workshops

You can order a mobile workshop based on domestic and imported chassis on the PROMAVTO factory website. Special vehicles of this type are used to transport workers and tools to the place of repair or maintenance. The PROMAVTO plant has approval for the manufacture of vehicles for the transportation of repair crews both in the passenger cabin and in the van itself (for auto repair shops based on the GAZ, KAMAZ and URAL chassis).

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Product list

The plant produces mobile workshops for various purposes:

We offer to purchase mobile workshops on the truck chassis of the most popular brands: GAZ, KAMAZ, URAL, DAF, ISUZU, IVECO, Hyundai, MAN, HINO, Mercedes-Benz.

Car repair shops PROMAVTO are offered in various configurations (К, С1, С2, С3).

Special Vehicle Equipment

In the manufacture of car repair shops, we are especially careful to ensure that the trip in them is safe for the work crew. If the mobile workshop is intended not only for equipment, but also for transporting people, then special partitions are installed inside it, separating the cargo compartment from the passenger.

The furniture and equipment inside the van is firmly attached to the walls or floor. For this, special embedded elements are provided in the walls and panels of the base. In this way, injury from a collision or a sudden stop can be avoided.

Advantages of our products

In the process of assembling mobile workshops, we follow international quality control standards. The plant has a quality management system certified according to GOST ISO 9001-2011.

In production, we use certified components:

  • as an insulation material, extruded polystyrene foam of the RAVATHERM ™ XPS brand and Bayer polyurethane foam are used;

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