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Trailer-residential module

The catalog contains special equipment produced by the PROMAVTO factory.
You can specify the price of a ready-made solution that is most suitable for your purposes.

Description and equipment

Appointment of van: The trailer-residential module is designed for a comfortable temporary accommodation of mobile crew in remote locations.
Complectation: C2
Production time: 1 month
  1. Folding table with stationary part
  2. Bunk sleeping shelf
  1. Wardrobe
  1. Kitchen and hinged shelves
  1. Shelf for hats and hangers for outerwear
  1. Wardrobe
  2. Bunk sleeping shelf
  1. Air conditioning
  1. Exhaust fan
  1. Exhaust fan
  1. Wash basin
  1. Electric stove
  1. Shower tray
  1. Pump
  1. Boiler
  2. Dry closet
  3. Power station on the withdrawable element

External equipment

  1. Trunk with sides
  1. Ramp
  1. Folding ladder


  • The dimensions of the van (LxWxH): 6160х2475х2100 mm;
  • Internal lining: shock-resistant fiberglass;
  • Windows in a double-glazed plastic frame:
    on the right side of the van — tilt-and-turn (800x570 mm);
    on the front wall — tilt-and-turn (800x570 mm);
    on the back door — dead (325x570 mm).

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