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Quality control

Quality control

Interactive Acceptance Area

The quality control procedure is a link in the production chain, the importance of which is difficult to overestimate. The quality control department is a kind of connecting element between the manufacturer and the consumer. The task of this department is to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers with the quality of the van they have purchased. Carrying out inspection control of 100% of the equipment manufactured by the plant, employees of the Quality Control Department use the following achievements of civilization:

  • thickness gauge to control the thickness of the paintwork,
  • infrared camera to search for possible voids in the sandwich panels,
  • a validated measuring tool to control the dimensions of the wagons and its individual components.

Acceptance of the vehicled is carried out in an area equipped with light sources, the total value of the luminous flux of which is comparable in strength to daylight. In aggregate, all the procedures and tools described above are included in the concept of an interactive technology acceptance zone by the quality control department.

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