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Special purpose vehicles of the Ministry of Emergencies

Special Purpose Vehicles for EMERCOM

Special purpose vehicles of the Ministry of Emergencies

Ministry of Emergencies vehicles are specialized vehicles used for the work of rescuers in the emergency zone. This transport has all the necessary equipment to deal with emergencies, organize rescue operations and provide first aid to victims.

Equipment for cars of the Ministry of Emergencies

We offer specialized emergency vehicles equipped with rescue tools and equipment:

  • climbing equipment;
  • equipment for divers;
  • devices for individual protection of respiratory organs;
  • instruments for measuring the level of radiation, the concentration of gases and harmful substances;
  • mobile weather stations;
  • sets of pneumatic, electric and power tools;
  • a set of hydraulic tools for rescue operations;
  • a set of pneumatic plasters;
  • a set for power supply and lighting;
  • tool for locksmith and trench works;
  • equipment for the provision of medical care;
  • devices for extinguishing fire;
  • stationary and portable radio communications;
  • loud-speaking device.

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General purpose vehicles of the Ministry of Emergencies

The main purpose of such special vehicles is to transport the rescue team, tools and equipment to the territory of the emergency. These vehicles are used to solve a wide range of tasks.

General-purpose vehicles are involved in emergency situations, both natural and man-made.

Purpose of transport:

  • the implementation of search activities and the provision of medical assistance to victims;
  • carrying out a complex of rescue operations;
  • fight against local fires;
  • conducting radiation and chemical reconnaissance;
  • organization of radio communications and information on the progress in dealing with the consequences of emergencies.

Vehicles of the Ministry of Emergencies

These vehicles are intended for the transport of rescue teams performing the established list of special works. Range of use of special vehicles of the Ministry of Emergencies:

  • environmental monitoring;
  • diving work, work with pyrotechnics;
  • localization and elimination of major fires;
  • organization of special communications and alerts.

Mobile control points

They are high-tech vans of the Ministry of Emergency Situations used for the delivery, placement and rest of operational headquarters to deal with the consequences of emergency situations. This transport is also used to organize work places for emergency commissions.

Emergency laboratories

These vehicles are needed for the transport of emergency workers in emergency situations, to ensure their activity in the release of harmful chemicals or radiation, as well as to carry out research and environmental monitoring.

Operational Staff Vehicles

These vehicles are used to transport representatives of administrative-territorial departments and other operational-management groups to the emergency site. Transport is equipped with everything necessary for the autonomous functioning of the management group.

Special cars of the Ministry of Emergency Situations from PROMAVTO

The PROMAVTO plant produces vans for the Ministry of Emergencies on the chassis of the most popular brands - IVECO, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, SCANIA, GAZ, KAMAZ, URAL. The produced vans undergo strict quality control at each production stage.

We care about the functionality of the vans, so they provide a separate compartment for equipment and a separate compartment for transporting personnel. The passenger compartment is equipped with seats for rest and comfortable seats with seat belts.

Each special vehicle is also equipped with satellite, wireless and wired communication systems at the option of the customer.

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