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Mobile laboratory on the KAMAZ 43118 chassis

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Description and equipment

Appointment of van: For the work of the MES task force (up to 9 people) with dosimetric monitoring, communication and control means, as well as transportation of equipment, property and tools in a temperate climate at an ambient temperature of -45 ° C to + 40 ° C.
Complectation: C3
Production time: 2 months

Internal equipment:

  1. 19-inch stand with vibration mounts
  1. Generator
    Model: Kubota GL 9000,
    fuel: diesel,
    rated power: 8 kW,
    voltage: 220V
  1. Additional battery pack (12V, 150Ah)
  2. Trench tool kit
    scrap, shovel, ax, grounding pin
  1. Electrical wiring with a power distribution board, an external input shield and 220V sockets
  1. Cabinet for equipment,
    material: chipboard
  1. Armchair
  2. The desktop of the operational headquarters
  1. Chair of the head
  1. Cabinet for a multifunctional device, material: chipboard
  1. The table of the dosimeter
  2. The working chair of the dosimetric
  1. Car air conditioning
    Model: Dometic HB2500.
  1. Autonomous heater
    Model: Webasto Air Top Evo 5500,
    fuel: diesel,
    heating capacity: 1.5-5 kW,
    fuel consumption: 0.18-0.6 l / h;
  1. Monitor on vibration mounts
  1. A partition with a sliding door separating the operator and technological compartments
  1. A blank partition separating the technological and cargo compartments
  1. The partition for placing the generator in the cargo compartment

External equipment

  1. Mechanical outriggers
  2. SWH (spare wheel holder) under the van with a hoist lifting and lowering
  3. Splashers, made of gray polymer powder coated steel
  4. Hatch for ventilation of a diesel generator
  5. Access ladder for access to the side door, made of steel with a polymer powder coating of gray color
  1. Roof rack, made of polymer powder coated steel of gray color
  2. Satellite dish system
  3. Satellite television antenna
  4. Military telescopic mast 8 m
  5. Hatch for access to the input shield
  6. Hatch for access to the 19-inch rack


  • Dimensions of the van (LxWxH): 6850х2550х2000 mm;
  • Rear double- wing swing doors with an opening angle of 270 ° and fixation in the open position;
  • Anti-corrosive chip-resistant coating on the floor frame and subframe;
  • Floor covering: wearproof commercial linoleum;
  • Color design: pasting of a van is done in accordance with paragraph 1.12 of Appendix No. 6 to the Technical Regulation on the safety of wheeled vehicles; pasting the van with reflective tape is done in accordance with UNECE Regulation No. 48;

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