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Mobile headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the chassis KAMAZ 43118

Mobile headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the chassis KAMAZ 43118

The catalog contains special equipment produced by the PROMAVTO factory.
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Description and equipment

Appointment of van: For the work of the operational group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (up to 4 people), communications and management, as well as transportation of equipment, property and tools in a temperate climate at ambient temperatures from -45° C to + 40° C.
Complectation: C3
Production time: 1 month

Internal equipment:

  1. Additional battery pack (12V, 190 Ah)
  1. Electrical wiring with a power distribution board, an external input shield and 220V sockets
  1. Locker with a back, with two-point seat belts,
    upholstery: leather substitute
  1. Sealed box for the battery pack, made of steel with a powder-coated gray polymer
  1. Heater
    Model: Webasto AirTop Evo 5500,
    fuel: diesel,
    heat output: 1.5 - 5.0 kW
    fuel consumption: 0.18 - 0.60 l/h
  1. Car air conditioning
    Model: Dometic B 2600
  1. Intercom between the van and the cab
  1. Partition with a hinged door dividing the van into the passenger and household compartments
  1. Blank partition separating the cargo and passenger compartments
  1. Security alarm
  1. Light and sound signaling of van door opening
  2. Telematics module GLONASS, working in the network of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

External equipment

  1. Tool box made of gray polymer powder- coated steel
  2. Gray polymer powder- coated corrugated steel splashers
  3. Ladder for access to the roof rack, made of steel with a polymer powder-coating of gray color
  4. Flashing beacon with steel damage protection (2 pcs.)
  5. Roof rack made of steel with a powder-coated polymer gray, coated with corrugated aluminum and folding sides along the perimeter of the roof;
  1. Telescopic mast with a base antenna of 11 m
  2. Signal speaker installation
  3. Headlight finder (2 pcs.)
  1. Emergency ventilation hatch with locking in the open position
  1. The hatch for the supply of external communications.


  • Dimensions of the van (LxWxH): 6000х2500х2100 mm;
  • The inner lining of the van: fiberglass reinforced plastic 1.5 mm gray;
  • A set of embedded elements in the panels of the van for customer equipment;
  • External framing (strapping) of the van: galvanized corner with polymer powder coating in white;
  • Windows in a plastic frame with a double automobile double-glazed window:
    • on the left side - folding, equipped with a mosquito net (2 pcs.);
    • on the right side - folding, equipped with a mosquito net;
    • on the right side of the door - dead;
  • Floor covering in a cargo compartment: corrugated aluminum;
  • Colorographic design: pasting of a van according to GOST R 50574, in accordance with paragraph 1.12 of Appendix No. 6 to the Technical Regulation on the safety of wheeled vehicles.

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