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Mobile workshop on the GAZ-33081 chassis

The catalog contains special equipment produced by the PROMAVTO factory.
You can specify the price of a ready-made solution that is most suitable for your purposes.

Description and equipment

Appointment of van: For use by the task forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (up to 4 people) in emergency zones to eliminate their consequences, provide assistance to the victims and organize emergency rescue operations at ambient temperatures from -45 ° C to + 40 ° C.
Complectation: K
Production time: 1 month

Internal equipment:

  1. Electrical wiring with power distribution board, external input shield and 220 V sockets
  1. Vise 200 mm
  1. Crane beam with a hoist,
    load capacity: 500 kg
  1. Cabinet for equipment,
    material: chipboard
  2. Table with stationary and folding part, material: chipboard
  1. Passenger seat
    with two-point seat belts.
    Model: SP-01,
    upholstery material: textile
  1. Clothes hanger
  1. Workbench of an individual layout with two drawer drawers made of steel with a polymer powder coating of gray color
  1. Heater
    Model: OV-65, 24 V,
    fuel: diesel,
    heating capacity: 7.5 kW,
    fuel consumption: 1.2 l / hour.
  1. Intercom between the passenger compartment of the van and the cabin
  1. Partition with a doorway dividing the van into the passenger and cargo compartments

External equipment

  1. SWH (spare wheel holder) under the van
    with hoist hoist
  2. Ladder for access to the roof rack, made of steel with a polymer powder-coating of gray color
  3. Cabinet for three gas cylinders (oxygen, propane, acetylene) with double-wing swing doors to the outside of the van
  4. Duplicate brake light, spotlight (2 pcs.)
  5. Roof rack made of gray powder coated steel
    and inserts from the notch
  1. Ladder for servicing the heater, made of steel with a polymer powder coating of gray color
  2. Headlight finder (2 pcs.)
  3. Box between the spars made of steel with a polymer powder coating of gray color
  1. Electric winch mounted on the front bumper, traction: not less than 4300 kg,
    cable length: 28 m,
    cable diameter: 8.3mm


  • Dimensions of the van (LxWxH): 3720х2340х2100 mm;
  • Cargo flooring: corrugated aluminum
    with flanging 200 mm;
  • There are inserts in the floor of the van for the customer’s equipment;
  • The shape of the van is kung (beveled upper corners);
  • Colorographic design: pasting of a van is done according to GOST R 50574, in accordance with paragraph 1.12 of Appendix No. 6 to the Technical Regulation on the safety of wheeled vehicles.

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