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Mobile diving complex on the KAMAZ 43118 chassis

The catalog contains special equipment produced by the PROMAVTO factory.
You can specify the price of a ready-made solution that is most suitable for your purposes.

Description and equipment

Appointment of van: for the work of the MES task force to save people and eliminate accidents in the water area, as well as for transporting equipment, property and tools in a temperate climate at ambient temperatures from -45 ° C to + 40 ° C.
Complectation: C3
Production time: 2 months
  1. Luggage rack
  2. Passenger seat with three-point seat belts (with armrests, folding backs, lateral support and steel drawers under the seats),
    (8 pcs.)
  1. Wardrobe, material - chipboard
  1. Locker with backrest and soft seat
  1. Shelving system for diving equipment
  1. Autonomous heaterM
    (fuel type: diesel,
    heating capacity: 1-4 kW,
    fuel consumption: 0.12-0.514 l / h),
    (2 pcs.)

External equipment

  1. Tool box, made of steel with
    polymer powder coating
  2. Bulwark on the lower belt of the body, performing the role of side protection, in the form of opening panels,
    with access to the truck components
  3. Stainless steel ladder for the access
    to the side compartments of the van
  4. LED spotlight (4 pcs.)
  1. A partition with a shalving system, a hatch and a roller shutter to accommodate diving equipment (on the right
    and left side)
  2. Hatch for access to the neck of the fuel tanks (on the left and right side)
  3. Cabin luggage compartment, made of steel
    with perforated metal inserts, with white powder coating
  4. Signal-loud-speaking device


  • Dimensions of the van (LxWxH): 6400х2500х2075 mm;
  • Type of sandwich panel: reinforced (with a step of 600 mm in the side panels there are cross-pieces of plywood 18 mm thick, between which heat-insulating material is placed)
  • LED strip around the perimeter of the ceiling of the household and cargo compartment
  • Access to the van:
    side door – with automatically retractable steps when opening / closing the door
    back doors – an access ladder from stainless steel,
    in transport position fixed to the rear door of the van;
  • Windows in a steel frame with double-glazed automobile windows:
    on the left side – sliding (2 pcs.) on the right side – dead (2 pcs.) in the front wall – sliding
  • Color design: pasting of a van is done in accordance with the established requirements for emergency services vehicles in accordance with GOST 50574-2002.

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