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Передвижная лаборатория МЧС на шасси Mercedes Benz Actros 3341А

Передвижная лаборатория МЧС на шасси Mercedes Benz Actros 3341А

The catalog contains special equipment produced by the PROMAVTO factory.
You can specify the price of a ready-made solution that is most suitable for your purposes.

Description and equipment

Appointment of van: The mobile laboratory of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is designed for the operation of a task force and to transportation of equipment, property and tools in a temperate climate at an ambient temperature of -50 ° C to + 50 ° C.
Complectation: C3
Production time: 1 month
  1. Vise
    160 mm
  1. Welding electric generator
    Model: MOSA TS400 PS/EL
  1. Electrical wiring with power distribution board, external input shield and sockets

  1. Heater
    Model: Webasto Air Top 3500
  1. Air conditioning
    Model: Dometic

  1. Storage rack
  1. Workbench with two cabinets
  1. Folding table
  1. Two-tier sleeping shelf (the lower one - in the form of a locker with three-point seat belts, the upper one when folded performs the function of a backrest)
    Upholstery material: gray leather substitute
  1. Wardrobe for storage of clothes

External equipment

  1. Vertical cabinet for a gas cylinder (propane) with a single-wing hinged door to the outside of the van with an attachment for an oxygen and propane hose
  2. Signal speaker
  1. Hatch for access to the welding unit
  1. Horizontal cabinet for four gas cylinders (oxygen) with a single-wing door to the outside of the van
  1. Emergency ventilation hatch


  • Van dimensions (LxWxH): 7000х2500х2200 mm
  • Color design: pasting the van is done in accordance with paragraph 1.12 of Appendix No. 6 to the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Wheeled Vehicles
  • Internal lining - noble wood
  • Windows in a single double-glazed plastic frame:
  • on the left side of the van – swing-out (2 pcs.)
  • on the right side of the van - swing-out (1 pc.)
  • on the right side of the van at the door - dead (1 pc.)
  • Rear narrowed double-wing swing doors
  • Floor covering: anti-slip plastic with a quartz crumb
  • A bulwark is installed along the van perimeter

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