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Emergency rescue workshop on KAMAZ 43118 chassis

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Description and equipment

Appointment of van: The emergency rescue workshop on the KAMAZ 43118 chassis is designed to transport the crew to the place of emergency for work to prevent injuries, fires, accidents at gas distribution enterprises.
Complectation: C2
Production time: 1 month
  1. Locker
  1. Shelving
  1. Locker
  2. Table
  1. Power station on the withdrawable element
  1. Trenching tool
  1. Air conditioning
  1. Wood stove
  1. Heater with heat distribution to two compartments
  1. PDB
  1. Walls are sheathed to the entire height with galvanized steel (0.5 mm) with asbotkan
  1. On the floor - a sheet of corrugated aluminum on asbestos cloth

External equipment

  1. LSL
  2. Trunk
  3. Lighthouse
  4. Ladder to the trunk
  1. Input shield
  1. Emergency ventilation hatch
  1. Trap ladder


  • Dimensions of the van (LxWxH): 6000x2500x2100 mm;
  • Number of seats: 8 (6 - in the van, 2 - in the cab);
  • Color scheme: According to GOST 50574-2002 «Color scheme of emergency services vehicles», with the name of the organization;
  • Plastic windows with single double-glazed window:
    on the left side of the van — opening (800 * 570 mm);
    on the right side of the van — dead (800 * 570 mm).

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